Moveo Virtual Reality simulator


At the center stage of the historic Paramount Theatre MoveoPlus will be showcasing the Moveo Virtual Reality simulator. Moveo is the only VR simulator constructed with 3 Degrees of Freedom (DOF), giving the machine full 360 degree motion capabilities, resulting in an immersive experience like no other. Following the event, the Moveo VR simulator will be permanently hosted at Paramount New Media Lab, a new Virtual Reality showcase space at the Paramount Studios, as the core hardware platform.




VRsenal is a market leader in premium virtual reality integrations, bringing together the latest technological advancements from across the VR space to create cutting edge products and experiences unavailable anywhere else on the planet.
We all know that some of the brightest minds in the hardware and software industry are working around the clock to create the next generation of entertainment. The amount of press and money swirling around the VR space has resulted in a tsunami of entrepreneurial activity. Hundreds, if not thousands, of companies are working to develop their own hardware, content, and contributions.



Vrvana is the creator of Totem, an innovative and immersive Extended Reality (XR) Head Mounted Display which won Best of Show at CES 2017 (Tom’s Hardware). Totem provides a premium product to the enterprise and professional markets in verticals such as automotive, theme parks, AEC, medical and architecture. Its patented technology provides a superior customer experience, enabled by ultra low latency, inside-out positional tracking, customizable chroma keying, etc.



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